Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Flow: I don't know what it is that other writers call it. But for me, the "Flow" is the way a story comes together in terms of events that happen to a character. In my mind, the events of before bring forth the events of the future chapters. Now somewhere when the Flow is happening, somewhere there is a small place that keeps track of events that occur. If it's calm and not too distracted, it means that the story is going along wonderfully. But if you do something, say something, or cause and event that is out of sync to those earlier events, the Flow becomes turbulent. It is small at first, but as you go on chapter to chapter, the Flow begins to make itself more known. It becomes the distraction. And the writing peters out until you have to go back to find where the change occurred. It keeps me going, yet it keeps me from finishing the story until the Flow settles down. For some, this might be a mistake, to rewrite to how the Flow occurs, but for me the Flow is also an awareness of the world I've created, and it is the way some deep part of me has settled in on what 'must be' for the best stories to be told. So why do I write about this? Because this time I didn't see the change in time, I consciously forgot a point I made in the story, and Flow became turbulent and now I'm having to reread what I've written to get back to the Flow so the story may begin again. I also write this for other writers who at some point, may have their own "Flow" begin to become turbulent and show itself as writer's block or distractions that normally don't occur when writing. Just a thought to consider the next time, you as a writer begin to find yourself not quite 'getting' into the Flow.

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