Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fantasy and sci-fi in real time the 'gritty' universe: Zombies

In the world of today, our view points of the universes we read in comic books attempt to mix together the current view of reality with the fantasy that is comics.

This is especially so in the idea of comics with superheroes and monsters.

It is a converse viewpoint in a way. For we as fans desire to see the real world come together in our fantasy so as to better interact with it. And yet, in our desire to bring the fantasy closer to reality, we in turn unconsciously espouse a desire to live the fantasy when the real becomes all too real. (Family problems, school issues, work pressures, and of course, 'the stupids,' are just a few examples.)

But in some comics, the reality and fantasy mix becomes a bit hard to intermix. In these posts, I'll explore the reality. Not to ruin anyone's day, but just to show where some things might come from. This is my point of view, and not meant to insult anyone simply point out possibilities. Zombies...and the human ability to focus, and it's drawback.

Ironically, while the monsters such as zombies are most easily seen as fantasy, a part of our deep fearing mind, the Id, creates these monsters from such simple things as a mall crowd, or the inevitable text-fiend on the street.

It is not to say that people are mindless, but it is easy to become distracted, to focus too deeply on one's current task to consider the idea of watching out for others unless they come into the immediacy of your peripheral vision. It is in this ironic place of self that stems the monster the zombie.

But that is the reality. It is just annoying, of course. And sometimes dangerous because it can be a zombie driving that car or truck next to you, or behind you. So focused on what's going on inside the vehicle that they forget the outside world totally. It can be for a split-second. But in that split-second, the world can change.

So in this way, yes, zombies are quite real. They may not quite be decayed, or broken down and shambling. But they can be for that one moment in time, that crucial moment in time a sadly mindless thing moving forward without thinking and change your entire world.

It can be walking across a street while texting.

It can be driving while talking on a phone.

It can be simply lost in thought.

A trip of the foot, a bump of someone can bring you back and one is safe.

But in a car, or on the street, it can lead to being a part of the dead.

And this is where reality returns. Because the dead usually stay dead. And lost forever are the thoughts, the dreams, the inspirations of those you love, forever.

Sorry for the bleh thoughts, but something came close to reminding me of that edge point this week. Everyone is all right, but all it took was one person's loss of attention on the road ahead to make a big change in life. Nothing medical, but certainly a set-back in life.

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